No Garbage Collection Today

To all WCA Houston Area Customers,

The Houston area is under a Winter Weather Advisory. At this time, WCA has decided it is unsafe to run our routes Wednesday, January 17, 2018. All offices will be closed and no trucks will be running.

If your service is missed due to the weather, service will resume on the next scheduled service day.

We will continue to follow up with updates. Updates will be sent out by email, Facebook, and our company website.

Please feel free to pass this along as needed and please be safe.


WCA Region II

About Chimney Hill MUD

Chimney Hill Municipal Utility District (“Chimney Hill MUD” or “District”), located in Harris County, Texas, was created on September 16, 1976. The District did not have residents or a tax rate when it was first created. A single-family residential developer owned all property in the District at that time. By the end of 1978, there were approximately 200 homes in the District. Today, the District has 1,744 single family homes located in three subdivisions; Chimney Hill, Sections 1-5; Eldridge Meadow, Sections 1-3, and Westbrook Lakes, Sections 1-2.

In addition to single family homes, development in the District consists of an elementary school, eight shopping centers, one office/warehouse facility, two daycare centers, one bank, three free-standing restaurants, three fast food restaurants, three gasoline stations/convenience stores, two gasoline stations with shopping centers, three office buildings, one automobile service garage, one automobile collision center, and one manufacturing facility for offshore marine cranes.

The District levies a tax every year against taxable real and personal property located in the District. The Chimney Hill MUD Board of Directors makes its annual tax rate decision based on: (1) property values set by the Harris County Appraisal District; and (2) recommendations provided by the District’s Financial Advisor and other District consultants regarding tax revenues needed to cover the District’s debt service and operating requirements. Click here for the District’s current tax rate.

It is the responsibility of the Chimney Hill MUD Board of Directors, with the help of the District’s consultants, to conduct all business of the District, including but not limited to the following:

  • Provide quality water supply and wastewater treatment services to our customers.
  • Keep all facilities well maintained.
  • Ensure system capacity exceeds demand.
  • Maintain financial integrity of the District.

Chimney Hill MUD has established agreements with two neighboring Municipal Utility Districts to provide additional water to our customers in the event of an emergency.

Chimney Hill MUD’s water supply is provided by one District well and water purchased from the City of Houston pursuant to a contract between the District and the City.

In addition to providing water and wastewater services, the District has contracted with the following entities for additional services: (1) the Harris County Sheriff’s Department for security patrol service within the District; and (2) a private solid waste collection company for residential garbage collection and recycling service to the District’s customers.

District Map

District Map (PDF)