Why do I have to send a payment to the District in December or January each year in addition to the monthly payments that I make for my water service?

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The District is a governmental entity and a political subdivision of the State of Texas. The District has the authority to levy taxes on the property located within its boundaries. The District uses the tax revenues that it collects to pay for the capital improvements that the District has constructed, including water plants, a wastewater treatment plant, lift stations, and utility lines, among others. These facilities are necessary to provide water supply, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage services to property within the District. The annual payment that taxpayers make to the District in November, December, or January is the annual property tax that the District levies against property located in the District.

The monthly charge covers the water and sanitary sewer service that a customer’s property actually receives. The amount of the monthly charge depends on the amount of service (water and sewer) that a customer uses. There is a minimum charge that applies to all customers. Any charge over the minimum is calculated based on actual water usage. The monthly charge is a user fee and is separate from the tax.