What should I do if I think there is a leak?

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Your response should be based on where the possible leak is located and your degree of comfort with evaluating a leak. Always remember, when in doubt, call Water District Management at 281-376-8802.

The following are a few scenarios that you may be exposed to regarding a possible water leak.

You may notice a part of your lawn is remaining wetter than the rest of your lawn and will not dry out, there could possibly be a leak.

You may notice a stream of water coming out of the ground. In some cases, the water will wash the dark color from the dirt and leave a sandy looking soil in the area where the water is coming out of the ground. This is most likely a water leak.

You may notice water gushing from the ground. This is usually a water leak. We state usually because in some cases swimming pool drain lines or backwash lines discharge water in a way that appears to be a water leak, but this is rarely the case. In the scenarios 1 & 2 listed above, there could be one of the following type of leaks:

A leak on the District’s service line If the apparent leak is within 15 feet of the street, between the street curb and meter box, or in the street, it could be a District Service Line. Contact your water department at 281-376-8802.

A leak on the customer’s service line If there is a leak between the meter box and your home, it is most likely to be the Customer’s Service Line. If you can see your water meter, you will see a registering pointer (similar to a time clock minute hand). Make sure all water is off in the home. If the pointer moves, this means that the water is discharging the pipe at some point after the meter. However, in some cases the water main may be located closer to the home than the meter box. If in doubt, contact your water department at 281-376-8802.

A broken water main If at any time you see water gushing out of the street, or ground and you are not absolutely sure it is not a water leak, notify your water department immediately at 281-376-8802.